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While many people aspire to live a comfortable and stress free life in retirement, many of them do not. The truth is that many people go into retirement still struggling to clear outstanding debts.  This denies many retirees a comfortable life in retirement. Fortunately, equity release can help such people clear outstanding debts without the need of making monthly repayments.

PMCG is a reputable credit consolidation consultancy specializing in equity release. For the last 5 years, we have helped hundreds of people manage and clear their mortgage debts without breaking their backs. Our qualified financial experts are ready help you settle your mortgage and ease your financial pressures today.

Whether you want a robust mortgage repayment plan or expert advice to wriggle out of your financial predicament, PMCG guarantees timely and custom solutions tailored specifically to your needs and situation. We have industry experience and the hindsight that puts us at a vantage point in debt consolidation and management.

Why Equity Release?

We here at… know fully well that equity release is a reasonable way of managing debts. If you have an outstanding debt or mortgage then you should seriously consider equity release schemes as they can ease your financial pressures considerably.

Facilitate an early inheritance  - do you also know that equity release can help  your family access quality education and climb the housing ladder easily?  Equity release has proven useful in assisting families in times of need as they can now enjoy early inheritance.

Top up your savings –  is the increasing cost of living  forcing you to dig deeper into your pockets ? Don’t worry, equity release can help you free up cash for sustenance and even help you replenish your savings easily.  Yes, you can free up your cash and even have more equity to build your new home!

Pay off existing debts - while many people work for a better future, many of them struggle to pay outstanding debts with little success.  If you find yourself in this position then you should seriously consider equity release as a means of paying off your debts and reducing your monthly payments.

You don’t have to sell your home or downsize your budget to save more for repayment. Equity release can help you generate sufficient cash without incurring extra costs.

Live the Dream Retirement Life if you have long-standing debts, then your pension payments may be insufficient to cater for your needs in your sunset years. With equity release, you have the assurance that you will enjoy a splendid time during your retirement. Whether you want to go for a dream holiday or venture into an exciting business, you have the guarantee of greater comfort and peace of mind.  


Get Timely Financial Advice


Since equity release is a long-term investment, we strongly recommend that you talk to our expert financial advice to steer you in the right direction. Our friendly and professional equity advisers will guide you into every aspect of equity release schemes and recommend the best schemes for you.



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Happy Clients

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I was at my wits end and very distraught trying to save my home from a foreclosure while on the home stretch to retirement. It was a very difficult moment for me, but thanks to the timely advice from PMCG Consultants. I not only saved my home, but also paid off the mortage! I will be indebted to you for a very long time.
Oliver Ferguson

Happy Clients

My husband lost his job and we started running late in repaying our mortgage. I started repaying the loan on my own, but I just couldn't keep up with the interest and penalties we had accrued. PCMG intervened and we were able to clear the loan and we're now just about to clear the mortage. Thanks a lot for your assistance.
Lara Stevens